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During your visit to Planet Peace, you may have the opportunity to interact with a variety of our therapy and comfort animals. Each animal has a unique personality. We hope you will learn to love each of them as much as we do! 

Ziggy Stardust


When we first met Ziggy in August 2022, it was mutual love at first sight. He was a sweet, calm stallion and, despite being underweight and rarely handled, he is a dream to work with and eager for attention. He was gelded in September and moved to the Planet Peace Farm a few weeks later. Ziggy is a favorite for lessons, a ham for the camera, and loves treats. 

Lovely Lady Lacey


Lacey is an elegant, cuddly standard poodle who was adopted in November 2017. She was certified as a therapy dog in 2020. Lacey is compassionate, loves people, hugs, and is obsessed with squirrels.

Mama Marmalade "Mimi"


Mimi was adopted in March 2022 from Schumacher Sanctuary. She was found under a house with a litter of kittens, who were all adopted, but no one wanted Mama. When we saw her photo on Facebook, we knew she was the perfect barn cat for Planet Peace. Mimi patrols the back of the farm. Still a little skittish, she loves chasing lizards, hiding, and getting scratches while lounging in her cat condo in the feed room. 


Dudley .jpg

Dudley joined the herd on December 2016. He is a Miniature Shetland Pony, adopted from Pasture Pals Equine Rescue. He has come a long way in his training and ability to trust people. Dudley loves snacks, children, giving pony rides, and hugs. 

Ridgely Chocolat


Ridgely was born in Boone, NC in November 2014. He came to the Planet Peace Farm in May of 2015 and was certified as a therapy dog in 2016. Ridgely loves children, being brushed, and sitting in the sun or on the heater vent.

Apache & Bailey


Apache and Bailey were adopted in March 2022 from Wild Discovery as a bonded pair. Apache is an English rabbit and Bailey is a Mini Holland Lop. Initially Apache was more outgoing and social, but lately Bailey has been the first to greet visitors. Both love getting scratches behind their ears. Their favorite treats are carrot greens, parsley, kale, and banana

Mellow  Melody "Mel"


Mellow Melody "Mel" is a Quarter Horse rescued from a feed lot in October 2020. In fact, she's not very mellow, due to years of abuse and pain from Navicular disease and arthritis. She takes pain meds daily, loves trail rides, baths and bananas, and tolerates working in the arena.



Binky was a kitten when dropped off by aliens in April 2014. He guards the front of the farm and is elusive. Consider yourself special if he chooses to  rub against your leg or join you in a walk. Binky loves Lacey and chasing bugs. 

Bud 1997-2022


When we purchased Aladdinn Valor "Bud" in May 1988, he was only 8 months old. A Polish Arabian, he was smart, sweet, handsome, and a gentle soul. Bud loved giving lessons and was very vocal - often whinnying as he ran to the barn for a meal. He taught hundreds of children and adults how to ride and helped them overcome their fear of horses. Bud crossed the rainbow bridge in November 2022. Rest in peace dear Bud - you will always be in our hearts.


We garden year-round on the Planet Peace Farm in several community garden areas. We use a sustainable, organic, and low-effort “Back to Eden” gardening approach. We are always looking for volunteers to help plant, weed, water, and harvest. Be on the lookout for opportunities to purchase produce, local honey, and farm-fresh eggs. We also contribute to the “Plant-a-Row for the Hungry” program in Wake County at Logan’s One Stop Garden Shop who donates our vegetables to Interfaith Food Shuttle.


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